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STOP! Read this before you eat that.

 Do you ONLY eat when you are physically hungry?    How many times do you chew your food before you swallow?     How long does it take you to finish your meal?     I have to admit, I used to eat for many reasons and rarely was it because I was truly, physically hungry.

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Proper Breathing During Your Workout, It Doesn’t Always Come Naturally

The topic of breathing may come as a surprise to you because breathing comes natural, right? Many people actually do not give their bodies enough oxygen during exercise. They either hold their breath during strenuous weight lifting or breathe too shallow during cardio and stretching. Today I want to address the following 3 areas of

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Rise & Shine! It’s Morning Workout Time!

Do you ever see those people that are always smiling at the gym early in the morning and you wonder how in the world they can be sooo happy sooo early? I have recently been asked this question myself as I am one of those strange morning gym people. I want to share with you

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Protein, where to find it and how much do you need?

Protein is a hot topic of conversation in the fitness world.  It can be super confusing to hear all of the different ways to calculate how much protein you need and what sources to look to in order to get it. I wanted to write this blog to try and make it simpler…so lets talk protein! What are the best sources of

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Foam Rolling, You’ve Heard Of It But Does It Live Up To The Hype?

Have you ever seen people at the gym rolling around on the floor with a long pool toy looking thing? Most likely you have, and maybe you thought they had lost their mind. 🙂 Well, I’m here to tell you that you should join the movement!  (Pun fully intended)  It can truly change your body

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Are Supplements Effective and What Should I Be Taking?

With so many supplements on the market claiming to give you the body of your dreams, how do you know which ones actually work? Which ones do you really need to purchase, if any? Can you get results without buying supplements? The answer is yes!  However, there are some that may help you on your

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The Best Workouts to Lose Fat Forever

You have probably seen many products, diets, or workout programs that claim to help you loose fat fast and keep it off.  The truth is, there are many roads you can take to reach your fitness goals.  Although the route might be different – there are some important steps to take no matter what.   There are

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